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December 07, 2021 3 min read

Finding a perfect gift for your loved one and seeing their face lit up with a wide smile is so rewarding. Yet, sometimes picking the right present can be a tricky task.

If you are currently on the lookout for a present and are not sure what to get for your dear one, a practical and beautiful gift is always a good idea. And if you haven’t guessed it already, we are talking about linen bedding. Here are four reasons why linen bedding is a wonderful way to show your love and care.

  1. Linen bedding is timeless and durable

Some trendy gifts spark joy only for a short time and finally end up taking space somewhere deep in the closet or even tossed away.

Linen bedding on the other hand is something that can serve long years without getting out of style or losing its qualities. Linen is considered to be a luxurious fabric, partly because of its opulent, wavy look that instantly elevates the bedroom interior.

Also, linen’s natural properties make it highly durable and easy to wash. So a lovely linen bedding set can be used for many years. You might think it would lose the initial qualities like it happens with most beddings made of cotton or other natural materials. But actually, linen bedding pieces will only get better and softer with every wash.

  1. Linen bedding is perfect all year round

Linen is often considered to be a perfect fabric for summer. And while it is indeed a wonderful choice for warm weather, it is just as great during the colder months. Why? Well, linen is known for amazing thermoregulation properties and because of that it cools you in summer and insulates when the temperatures are lower.

This means that when you get your loved one a linen duvet cover or linen pillowcase, they can instantly use them and continue to use them all year round to enjoy the comfort of a good night’s sleep.

linen thermoregulation properties

  1. Linen bedding is good even for those with allergies

If your loved one has allergies or sensitive skin, you know the challenges of finding the right gift.

Linen bedding is a wonderful option as the fabric is gifted with hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Because of this, linen bedding is widely chosen by those with breathing or skin allergies. Also, at My Linen Home, we use only OEKO-TEX certified linen which ensures that no toxic chemicals are used for making the fabric.

So if you have any loved ones with allergies, linen bedding is a great and thoughtful gift.

linen hypoallergenic
  1. Linen bedding is less prone to stains and tears

Bedding is one of the things around the house that we use every day. And because of this, it tends to wear and tear quickly or end up ruined by the spilled coffee we love to enjoy in bed.

A good thing is that linen is less susceptible to these hazards than many other natural fabrics, often used for bedding. Believe it or not, linen is one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world. So your loved ones can enjoy bedding that does not tear easily, deals better with the stains, and maintain its initial quality and looks after many washing cycles.

We welcome you to visit our linen bedding section where you will find high-quality hand-made linen bedding in various lovely colors to choose from. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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