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June 17, 2021 3 min read

Switching from winter to summer wardrobe is probably the most noticeable change we make once the summer comes. Shorts and sleeveless dresses in, chunky turtlenecks out! However, something else noticeably changes once the heat hits and that is how we sleep.

High temperatures can cause discomfort for your body, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, unable to fall asleep, and wake up well-rested. That’s why the right bedding is crucial for a good night’s sleep in summer.

If you have been sleeping in linen bedding during the winter or spring, then all you probably have to do is switch to a lighter divet or ditch it completely and sleep under a linen duvet cover or linen sheet. Yes, linen is perfect all year round and you can continue to use it throughout the seasons. However, If you haven’t been sleeping in linen bedding, then summer is the right time to consider doing so. And here are the main reasons why linen bedding is your best friend during summer (little hint: goodbye summer sweats!).

linen sheets and dovet cover my linen home

Linen is highly breathable and moisture-wicking

These two properties are what make linen the ultimate fabric for summer. Raise your hand if you are a hot sleeper or deal with sweating at night from time to time (you can’t see it but we all at My Linen Home are raising our hands right now). Linen will alleviate these feelings of discomfort as it allows the air to move freely and ventilate your skin. Along with that, linen also evaporates extra moisture much faster than cotton, preventing damp sheets.

Linen has temperature controlling properties

Because of the two abovementioned properties, it might feel as though linen has this pleasant cooling effect. In fact, linen helps your body to maintain the optimal temperature. And linen pillowcase can help you enjoy the cool side of the pillow for longer!

my linen home pillowcase

Linen is easy to wash and gets softer with time

Contrary to some myths, linen is easy to wash and doesn’t require any special treatment. Moreover, if you like to dry your laundry on a rack, linen bedding will dry much faster than cotton bedding. So this makes linen even more convenient for summer as you probably want to wash your bedding more often during the hot season. By the way, head to our blog article about how often should you wash your bedding to make sure you keep your bedding in top shape and safe for use.

Bonus feature: linen gets softer and softer after every wash, which means that, unlike some fabrics, linen gets only better with time!

Linen is friendly to the environment

Maybe this will not help battle the heat per se, but we are sure you will sleep easier knowing that our linen bedding is hand made, sustainable and that we do our best to minimize the waste of materials and other resources. We use only OEKO-TEX certified linen which means no toxic materials were used to produce the fabric and it is safe (not only safe but beneficial!) for you and your family.

If you are ready to switch to linen bedding or want to update your bedroom for the summer, check out our linen duvet cover sets and linen sheet sets for the best price. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get a 10% discount for your first order!


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