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September 10, 2021 3 min read

It is a known fact that humans have aesthetic needs - we search for beauty and want to create it ourselves. One way we fill those needs is by decorating our home and creating lovely surroundings for ourselves. We look for a sofa in that particular shade, seek tableware with a slightly rustic touch to it and shape our home piece by piece to make it a pleasant and beautiful place to spend our time.

When it comes to decorating your home, you probably know that even the smaller details matter. And home linen is one of them. These days you can find and get lost in a wide variety of home linen options in many colors, patterns, sizes, and made of various materials. Although we often tend to choose our towels, bedding, or other home textile pieces depending on their looks, the quality should never be left in the last place.

This is when linen comes into the picture. Knowing the amazing qualities it is gifted with, we are strong advocates for choosing linen as the best material for any home textile. Linen is made of a blue-blossomed flax plant by weaving the thin yarns into a fabric. Contrary to a common belief, linen fabric can be incredibly supple and is available in various thicknesses to serve different purposes. Linen bedding  is usually made of thin, soft linen, that gently hugs your body every time you collapse onto the bed for a good night of sleep and is considered to be one of the best materials to sleep in.

But what is exactly so incredible and luxurious about this fabric? Let’s see the main reasons to love and choose linen for your home.

  1. Linen is great all year round. Widely known and loved as a perfect fabric for summer, linen is actually suitable for all seasons, even the cool ones. Linen is great at thermoregulation as it can both cool and insulate. So you won’t need to hide your linen bedding set in winter - it will be just as comfortable as in summer!
  1. Linen is good and safe for those with allergies. Because of its natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, linen is a great choice for even the most sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Linen bedding touches your body and face all night so opting for a linen pillowcase and linen sheets is a good idea if you have sensitive, problematic skin.
  1. Linen is antistatic. Don’t you get annoyed when the fabric is static and sticks to your skin? This is never the case with linen. And that is not all - antistatic properties also help in making linen more resistant to dirt, keeping it clean for a longer time.
  1. Linen is an environment-friendly fabric. It requires much less water and pesticides to grow when compared to cotton - the most widely used natural fiber. Also, OEKO TEX certified linen (that’s the one we use for our linen bedding) is made using only dye that is non-toxic and safe to use in contact with human skin. So choosing linen is actually a smart, responsible step towards being more eco-friendly!
  1. Linen is highly absorbent and moisture-wicking. It means that linen can hold up to 20% of its own weight in water before it even feels damp. And thanks to breathability qualities, linen dries fast, leaving you feeling nothing but comfortable on hot and humid summer nights.
  1. Linen is strong and highly durable. It even holds a champion title of being the strongest natural fiber on Earth. Therefore, you can be at ease when it comes to washing linen - it can withstand many washing cycles without losing its looks and qualities. Investing in linen means investing in something that will last for many years to come.
  1. Wet linen is stronger than dry.On the same note, linen not only can be washed whenever needed, but it also gets softer and better after every wash without being damaged!
  1. Linen is resistant to abrasion. When compared to cotton, linen has 5 times better abrasion resistance, making linen bedding much less prone to wearing and tearing than highly popular cotton bedding.
  1. Linen does not create lint. Unlike some other popular natural fabrics, linen produces little to no lint, thus maintaining its primary appearance and preventing your washing machine or dryer from clogging.
  1. Linen is wrinkly - and that is the beauty of it. For some, wrinkled fabric means frustration and hours of ironing. But we suggest embracing those waves when it comes to linen. Its natural tendency to wrinkle makes it unique, alive, and perfectly imperfect.

If you are curious to try linen bedding or simply want to update your linen closet with new clouds to sleep on, feel free to browse our linen bedding products!

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