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February 09, 2021 2 min read

Walking into your bedroom to a beautiful bed is an amazing feeling! As the centerpiece of the room, your bed brightens up your home and exudes a feeling of comfort. And when you collapse onto that beautiful bed at the end of the day, it feels fantastic!  

If you’re looking to give your bed a makeover, look no further than comfy linen bedding from My Linen Home. All of our linen is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s the most environmentally friendly linen on the market. Made in Lithuania from the finest flax seeds, these items won’t wear out in the wash and will maintain their soft airiness for years to come.  

Get your linen products, then follow these steps using our natural, durable, airy, colorful bedding to create a gorgeous bed:  


Start with the fitted sheet.  

Slip your fitted sheet from My Linen Home onto your mattress for a cozy, environmentally responsible base layer. Start at one of the upper corners of your mattress to get the best fit.  

Fold the flat sheet perfectly. 

Add a flat sheet from My Linen Home next. Center it on your bed and tuck the leftover fabric under the mattress, leaving 12 to 18 inches free at the top. You can also go for those neat hospital corners to get that sheet nice and tightly tucked.  


Add a cozy blanket. 

If it’s chilly out or you just like the extra warmth, top your sheet with a nice blanket and fold the same way you folded the flat sheet.  


Select your duvet cover.  

A lovely linen duvet cover provides natural, comfortable warmth, is easy to wash, and looks absolutely lovely. Whether patterned or a solid color, these covers add an instant blast of personality to the room. Fold down the tops of the sheet and blanket on top of the cover for a snug and clean look.  

Slide on the pillowcases.  

Perhaps the most important part of the bed is where you’ll rest your head! My Linen Home has beautiful, soft pillowcases that will last wash after wash. Mix and match many different colors from our coordinated collection of options. 

Add the flair!  

Now that the bed is made, you get to add the accessories! Arrange decorative pillows and try a throw blanket to compliment the beautiful, natural colors of your linen sheets.  

To save on all of the items you need for a beautiful bed, you can check out our bedding sets and bedding bundles. 

Whether it’s used every night or decorates the guest room, it will be hard to resist your beautiful, linen-adorned bed. My Linen Home has the perfect tools to provide the most natural, comfortable, and beautiful linen experience!  

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