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October 29, 2021 3 min read

Dating back to Ancient Egypt and even further, linen has definitely been around for some time. Although used for centuries, currently linen is making a big comeback as a popular material for clothing and home textiles, including linen bedding. And it is indeed a wonderful fabric to wear, sleep in or use around the house because of the amazing properties and looks that it has.

However, when compared to popular cotton bedding, linen might seem like a pricy option. And in most cases, it is truly more expensive. But it is not as expensive as you might think when you know what is hiding behind the price. So in this article, we aim to explain all the wonderful aspects of linen that make it worth the cost.

Sustainable in every step - from flax seed to linen bedding

Linen is made of a flax plant that requires good conditions to grow and great experience to be processed into the fabric. The way flax is grown and processed adds up to the relatively higher price of linen bedding. However, the same reasons make linen of the most sustainable fabrics in the world and a great option for those wishing to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

baltic flax

Here is how growing linen contributes to its price and sustainability:

- Small production amounts. Growing flax requires time, patience, and it can only be grown in a certain climate. Therefore, relatively small amounts of flax are cultivated and processed around the world.

- No chemicals.The flax plant is naturally resistant to pests and requires little to no pesticides and insecticides which are toxic and harmful to people and the environment.

- Less water. Linen also requires only several percent of water, used to grow and process the same amount of cotton.

As you can already imagine, growing and processing linen leaves a small environmental footprint, especially when compared to such highly popular materials like cotton. Maintaining high quality and sticking to the eco-friendly ways of growing and cultivating linen contributes to the price but also ensures the fabric is sustainable and friendly to the environment and you!

Benefits of linen fabric

Now that we covered the unique aspects of growing linen, we can discuss the benefits of the fabric itself. Usual criteria when choosing the bedding are the softness of the fabric, the color, and the price. And let’s be honest - the lower price often wins. But when it comes to linen, keep in mind that there is much more to it than just the texture and the looks. Compared to some other popular bedding materials, linen holds some amazing properties that may contribute to the price but also provides you with comfort and pleasure many other fabrics can’t.

Here are the benefits of linen that have an impact on the price, yet are definitely worth it:

- Durability. Have you ever purchased something that looked really good, yet two washing cycles later completely lost its quality and looks? This is never the case with linen. In fact, it gets even better and softer with every wash! Linen is an incredibly strong fabric, that is resistant to abrasion and less prone to wearing and tearing. So with the proper care, your linen duvet cover or linen pillowcases can last for decades and will reduce the necessity to constantly replace them with new ones.

- Versatility.Linen is quite unique for its ability to cool in hot temperatures and insulate in lower temperatures. So you can use your linen bed sets all year round without the need to have separate bedding for different seasons.

- Health-aiding properties. Due to high breathability, and natural-moisture wicking and antibacterial properties, linen is not a welcoming place for fungi and bacteria to build up. For these reasons, linen is considered to be a hypoallergenic fabric, making linen bedding a suitable option for people with allergy-prone or sensitive skin and also for children.

linen bedding

We hope these facts about linen helped you get a better understanding of why it might seem to be more expensive than some other bedding materials. In case you decided to give linen bedding a try, feel free to browse our bed linen collection!

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